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Regulatory Insight

Regulatory Insight is now available for currently-affiliated CWRU faculty, students, and staff. It contains administrative law histories organized by public law, allowing quick and fairly comprehensive regulatory research in a manner similar to the way Legislative Insight allows fast, comprehensive legislative history research for public laws.    

Cleveland Public Library (CPL)

For the past couple of months, I’ve written about Cleveland libraries with significant law collections that are open to the public once a week (Cleveland Law Library – Wednesdays) or weekly, Monday thru Friday (Cleveland Public Administration Library).    But it is the Cleveland Public Library (CPL), known for its 1925 Historic Main Building (325 Superior Ave., Cleveland, OH  44114), …Read the Rest

Traditional Knowledge

An evolving area of international intellectual property is traditional knowledge, such as the art, customary dances, and plant-based medicinal knowledge of indigenous peoples around the world. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has been studying ways to protect such intellectual property for over three decades. Traditional knowledge can differ from the modern concept of intellectual …Read the Rest

Student Writing Competitions

The Law Library maintains a list of over 100 writing contests for law students.* The contests cover a wide range of topics from ediscovery, to disability, to gerrymandering. A recent addition is the “Criminal Record Policy Essay Competition” sponsored by Higbee & Associates and the Foundation for Continuing Justice. The goal of the contest is to …Read the Rest

CWRU’s Martin Luther King Jr. Essay Contest

From Case’s MLK Essay Contest webpage: The Martin Luther King Jr. Essay Contest invites all current Case Western Reserve University and Cuyahoga Community College students, faculty/administrators, and staff to submit entries to this year’s contest. Essay Guidelines and Prompt Using one of the quotes or sets of quotes below, please reflect on how Dr. King’s …Read the Rest

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