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Historical American and British Law

primary For researchers who are interested in historical American and British law, there are a surprising number of resources that offer full-text versions of court opinions, selected legislation, and even full-text treatises (scholarly books). The most obvious and available source, perhaps, is¬†Google Books, a massive digitization project between Google and over forty library partners. CWRU …Read the Rest

Saturday Reference Service

The Judge Ben C. Green Law Library is pleased to continue offering reference assistance on Saturday afternoons during the Spring semester, with the exception of Spring Break and holiday weekends. A law reference librarian will cover the desk from noon-5 (with a brief break that will be posted at the desk) to answer in-person and …Read the Rest

“Jock Tax”

On Jan. 14, 2015, the Ohio Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Hillenmeyer v. City of Cleveland Board of Review (14-0235) and Saturday (and Saturday) v. City of Cleveland Board of Review (14-0292). At issue is whether “‘highly paid and easy to find’ professional athletes are illegally targeted for taxation” by Ohio and Cleveland.” Hillenmeyer …Read the Rest

Additional OSU Winners

Update! (Jan. 14, 2015)¬†According to a news report, the anonymous third party “donated” the money for the rebates for furniture purchases related to the Ohio State Buckeyes winning the national football championship. So that situation may not be the classic prize indemnity insurance scenario. However, the furniture company would be wise to consider such indemnity …Read the Rest

Faculty Spotlight: Writing Requirement Seminars

Welcome back for the spring 2015 semester. Below are articles written by the writing requirement seminars faculty: African-American Lawyers Seminar – Robert Strassfeld “How the Cleveland Bar Became Segregated: 1870-1930″ This article examines the changing perimeters of professional opportunity and the professional choices made by Cleveland’s African American lawyers in the early twentieth century. At …Read the Rest

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