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Librarians as key to open-access law reviews…

Tom Boone, of Loyola L.A., has a useful post on his personal blog regarding the challenges of implementing the Durham Statement on Open Access to Legal Scholarship, in which a group of directors of major law libraries called on law schools to move to publishing law journals solely in an online, open-access, format. The Durham Statement was drafted by a group of library directors meeting in November of 2008 at Duke Law School. Additional directors, law school CIOs, and other librarians subsequently became signatories to the statement, including our own Kathy Carrick.
Tom’s post usefully reminds us, though, that promoting meaningful and robust subject access to journal content requires more than merely asking our journals to kindly publish online.
Andrew Plumb-Larrick

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  1. Andrew Plumb-Larrick says:

    Also note Ken Hirsch’s (of Cincinnati) useful musings on the Durham Statement and open-access for legal scholaship: