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This has been a rather skimpy snow season, Cleveland’s mean snowfall for October through December is 15 inches. The National Operations Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center is the NOAA’s source for information about snow. The site not only houses data about snow, it also has a number of interactive maps and snowfall probability forecasts. The Snow Depth map can be animated to show the snow depths day by day for the season, two weeks, or just a specific day.  According to the snow forecast for the next 3 days we should not expect 4 or more inches of snow.  In October NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) released is annual Winter Outlook. It predicts cooler temperatures and more precipitation for our area from December 2011 – February 2012, so maybe we will make up for the lack of snow this January and February.

The National Climate Data Center has a site dealing with Snow Climatology, where you can find out information about the extremes.  For example, according to the Ohio Snowfall and Snow Depth Extremes Table, the Ohio location with the greatest (35 inches) daily snow depth is Ashtabula.  But, Chardon has the greatest monthly snowfall total (69.5 inches).