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Federal Statutory Codes: Free (official? authentic?) Research Here?

I recently wrote about the fact that website distribution of digitally-signed PDF facsimiles of the “classic” printed versions of certain Government Printing Office publications made it possible to do “official” research into federal administrative regulations freely, online. Among those free resources is the Code of Federal Regulations, the codification of federal administrative-agency regulations. There isn’t …Read the Rest

United Nations: Mini Research Lesson

  Background Fifty nation-states (“states”) met in San Francisco, California, from April 25-June 26, 1945, ultimately signing the United Nations Charter that created one of the largest and most influential international organizations in the world as of Oct. 24, 1945. This effort at improving international relations built upon previous prospective efforts, such as the Atlantic …Read the Rest

Searching My EBSCOhost

A familiar database has a new look. The EBSCO suite of databases, has a new search and display option called Visual Display. Fairly familiar basic and advanced searching selections remain (and a button to view and interact with your search history). But the new Visual Display allows the researcher to see an interactive map, or …Read the Rest

$9.99: U.S. v. Apple, Hachette Book Group, et al.

Case Filings from the U.S. Department of Justice, including the complaint and related filings On April 11, 2012, The Department of Justice sued Apple, Inc and five book publishers (Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin, & Simon & Schuster) for civil antitrust violations of the Sherman Act. Apple and the book publishers, which owned 80% of the …Read the Rest

Study Break: Take a Quiz

I got all 13 questions correct, will you? The PEW Research Center has a new News IQ Quiz: “What Do You Know About…? Political Parties.” The 13 question quiz tests your knowledge of the Democratic and Republican parties and compares them to 1,000 randomly sampled adults. Spoiler Alert: Take the quiz, before reading the rest. Extra …Read the Rest

Urban Community Resources

Community Activism Community Economic Development Property and Community Sustainable Cities When you think of the numerous ways that people intersect with the law or the judicial system, it is often as a result of our lives as residents in a community. Whether in a city, suburb or town, we have the common experience of educating our children, renting …Read the Rest