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New Federal Regulatons and Using

Once a month the library will be blogging about new regulations and about an aspect of regulatory research. This post lists the newest regulations from the Copyright Office, Health and Human Services, and the Small Business Administration (including the typical information — such as identifying numbers, Federal Register page location, and CFR part affected — necessary to identify and consult a regulation). And this month’s blog post includes information about using to find final rules.

New Regulations

  • Discontinuance of Form CO in Registration Practices (dated 03/28/2012).
    • Form CO application will no longer be a option for applying for copyright.  The Form CO application allowed the applicant to fill out an online form, which was then printed and submitted.  This form of application is being discontinued, due to high error rates and difficulties printing the form.
    • 37 CFR Parts 201 and 202.
    • Effective Date: July 1, 2012.
    • Document ID: COLC-2012-0005-001.
    • 44 FR 18705 (March 28, 2012)
  • Discontinuance of Form CO in Registration Practices (dated 04/09/2012).
    • Correction to 44 FR 18705 (2012).
    • 37 CFR Parts 201 and 202.
    • Document ID: COLC-2012-0007-001.
    • 77 FR 20988 (April 9, 2012)
  • Fees
    • Adds to the fee schedule a fee for Copyright personnel’s travel expenses to educational activities, at the request of an outside organization or person or an outside organization has agree to pay for Copyright personnel’s travel expenses to educational activities.
    • 37 CFR Part 201.
    • Effective Date: March 28, 2012.
    • Document ID: COLC-2012-0006-0001.
    • 77 FR 18704 (March 28, 2012).

Health and Human Services (HHS)

  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Standards Related to Reinsurance, Risk Corridors and Risk Adjustment
    • Sections created by this final rule include, “State notice of benefit and payment parameters,” “State establishment of reinsurance program.,” Calculation of reinsurance payments,” and “State alternate risk adjustment methodology,” to name but a few.
    • 45 CFR Part 153.
    • Effective Date: May 22, 2012.
    • Document ID: HHS-OS-2011-0022-0692.
    • 77 FR 17220 (March 23, 2012).
  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Establishment of Exchanges and Qualified Health Plans; Exchange Standards for Employers
    • Creates regulations concerning the creation and functioning of Affordable Insurance Exchanges.
    • 45 CFR Parts 155, 156, and 157.
    • Effective Date: Mary 29, 2012.
    • Document ID: HHS-OS-2011-0020-2420.
    • 77 FR 18310 (March 27, 2012).

Small Business Association (SBA)

  • Small Business Investment Companies: Conflicts of Interest and Investment of Idle funds
    • Removes a section and amends several other sections concerning follow-on investments and the requirement for a conflict of interest exemption.
    • 13 CFR Part 107.
    • Effective Date:
    • Document ID: SBA-2010-0013-0003.
    • 77 FR 20292 (April 4, 2012).
  • 7(a) Loan Program; Eligible Passive Companies
    • Direct final rule amending sections dealing with use of loan proceeds.
    • 13 CFR Part 120.
    • Effective Date: May 17, 2012, unless a significant adverse comment is received by May 2, 2012.
    • Document ID: SBA-2012-0010-0001.

Using to Find New Federal Regulations: allows the monitoring of new regulations. From the home page you can click Today, Last 3 Days, Last 7 Days, Last 15 Days, Last 30 Days, or Last 90 Days, under “Newly Posted Regulations.” If you click Last 30 Days, you get 2,163 results. However, not all of these are final rules. 

To view only final rules filter the results by unchecking “Notice” and “Proposed Rule” under “Document Type.” There were 330 final rules created during the last 30 days. You can further filter the results by agency, category, docket type, comment period. If you filter by Agency using HHS (Health and Human Services), you will find the two final rules listed above. Besides filtering, you can sort the rules by “Agency”, “Posted Date”, etc.

The Advanced Search, linked to from the home page, can also be used to find new final rules. Click “Advanced Search” under the “Search” button, to go to the search page. On the parameters such as date ranges, agency, and docket subtypes, allows you multiple ways to search for new regulations. For example, for the search: “Document Type, Rule; In these date ranges: Creation Date falls in the range From 01/01/2012 to 04/12/2012; By Agency, HHS (Health and Human Services),” 6 final rules are presented.