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State Attorney General Reports and Opinions – New on HeinOnline

The Law Library now subscribes to HeinOnline’s State Attorney General Reports and Opinions library.

The reports and attorney general opinions for each state back to at least 1980 are currently available in this collection. In addition, opinions and reports for California, New York, Washington, and Wyoming are available back to inception. HeinOnline intends to update this library on a monthly basis until all the reports and opinions of all 50 states are covered back to inception. The collection also includes access to the reports and opinions of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Users can also access the Official Opinions of the Attorneys General of the United States (1791-1982 (All Published)) and Opinions of the Office of Legal Counsel of the United States Department of Justice (1977 – 2000) through this library. Ohio coverage currently consists of reports and opinions from 1973 – 2010.

Attorneys general serve to provide legal advice, conclusions and recommendations to the executive branches of their governments. Their opinions and reports are considered primary authorities, but they are advisory, not mandatory orders. They may provide interpretation of statutes, though some may avoid offering opinions on the constitutionality of proposed legislation. These reports and opinions are considered persuasive authorities for judicial matters.

The opinions of the U.S. Department of Justice were traditionally signed by the U.S. Attorneys Generals between 1791 – 1977. Since 1977 this has been the role of the DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel.

State Attorney General Reports and Opinions and all our HeinOnline subscriptions are available campus-wide and remotely when using Case VPN.