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Federal Government Blogs: Greenversations

Greenversations lists blogs hosted by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These blogs represent a variety of focuses, from the very general, to a blog about the EPA’s Environment Photo Project, to a blog about Mid-Atlantic water. Here is a summary of the latest blogs from the Greenversations:

It’s Our Environment:

About That Commute (6/11 post) Sometimes it is easy to be green. The blogger reflects that his bus ride saves fuel, creates less pollution, and creates no stress for him, while giving him time “to read or reflect.”

State of the Environment Photo Project:

Featured Photo: Don’t Drink the Water (6/7) The photo is of signs at Little Squalicum Beach in Bellingham, Washington. One of the signs features a skull and cross bones warning of “toxic shellfish.” The photo was selected from the those posted on the EPA’s State of the Environment Flickr site.

It All Starts With Science:

Attention Innovators: The My Air, My Health HHS/EPA Challenge is Open! (6/6) The challenge is to develop a system of portable air sensors that transmit data to a central data repository. The top four ideas will be receive $15,00 and be invited to carry out a proof-of-concept project, with the best of those receiving $1000.000. There will be a a webinar on the My Air, My Health Challenge on June 19th at 4pm. [Challenge’s page]

The Eco Student

What insect-eating machine comes out at night? (6/7) Bats do. Ainsley Campbell’s project for her Girl Scout Gold award, involved putting 11 bat boxes in a local park. The boxes will encourage the bats to stay in the area, and thereby being a sustainable pest control.

Environmental Justice in Action

Taking Steps to Protect your Family from Lead Exposure (6/7) Gives information to renters and homeowners about protecting themselves and their families from lead-based paint.

 The Energy Start Current

Protecting the Climate All Summer Long (6/6) Gives a list of ENERGY STAR tips to save on utility bills during the summer season.

Greening the Apple

Polishing the Silver Covenant Chain: Building Relationships between the U.S. EPA and the Haudenosaunee. (6/11) Blogger tells about cultural sensitivity training for the EPA Region 2 staff by the Haudenosaunee leadership.

Healthy Waters for DPA’s Mid-Atlantic Region

A Philadelphia Story: Using Green Infrastructure to Slow the Flow (6/7) The EPA has agree to invest $2 billion in Philadelphia’s Green City, Clean Waters plan. The goal is to slow down storm water, by green roofs, and porous pavement, etc., to decrease sewer overflows.

Conversando acerca de nuestro medio ambiente

This a Spanish-language blog. My Spanish is too limited to read and summarize the latest blog post: “No deje que su niño desperdicie su valioso tiemp este verano.”

Note: After each blog post there is the following: “Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in Greenversations are those of the author. They do not reflect EPA policy, endorsement, or action, and EPA does not verify the accuracy or science of the contents of the blog.”