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Study Aids, Anyone?

This year, the library has moved several series of study aids to the reserve area and given them a 2-day loan period so more of our students can use them. These items have purple stickers on their front covers to identify them as circulating study aids.

Here are the series that now circulate for two days (titles link to library catalog):

Examples & Explanations

This series, published by Aspen Publishers, is popular with our first-year professors. As the title suggests, these books explain a legal issue, follow the issue with questions, and provide an explanation of each answer. The questions are typically open-ended, which makes these titles a good resource when preparing for an essay exam. Some students purchase their own copies of these volumes the publisher’s website contains a list of current titles.

Understanding Series

LexisNexis produces this series.  It provides explanation of legal concepts with many footnotes to additional sources of information. Unlike Examples and Explanations, there are no practice questions. LexisNexis has a list of current titles and sample chapters on its website.

Questions & Answers

The library has a small collection of the Questions & Answers series by LexisNexis. These books contain fact patterns, multiple-choice questions, and explanations for both the correct and the incorrect answers. LexisNexis has sample questions from this series on its website.

Acing Law School Series

Currently, the library’s holdings of this series are limited to the title Acing Constitutional Law: A Checklist Approach to Constitutional Law. The publisher’s website says that “[i]t uses a checklist format to lead students through questions they need to ask to fully evaluate the legal problem they are trying to solve.” If the library acquires more titles in this series, they will also be available on reserve.