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Hurricane Sandy News

The unprecedented multi-state swath of devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy will take months to assess and recover. For those looking for immediate information about the local, regional and, national implications of the storm there are blogs, newspaper websites, television news broadcasts, and government websites for updates online. Here are a few highly recommended sites.

American Red Cross

National: New Jersey, New York, coast

New York City Office of Emergency Management.

New York State Office of Emergency Management.

New Jersey Office of Emergency Management.

FEMA front page and disaster maps. — Newsroom, videos & photos. “Key FEMA Activities Today” — President Obama’s website.

New York Times, The Lede  —  Blog with focus on storm damage assessments from the Northeast corridor.

New York Times interactive feature on storm damage and remedies.

Cleveland and Cuyahoga County, Ohio

News Channel 5 — Announcements; alerts; apps. Breaking storm related headlines such as the buckling of the side of a Cuyahoga County office building. Weather blog with local updates and Sandy storm tracking.  — “Mayor Jackson Addresses Cuyahoga County Residents in Storm Aftermath”

http://www.cleveland.comCleveland Plain Dealer. “Hurricane Sandy’s Impact Hits NE Ohio” — “One Cuyahoga:  Official Website of Cuyahoga County, Ohio”: Government meeting cancellations.

Illuminating Company:  24/7 Power Center: Storm Restoration Center (First Energy Corp.)

Remaining power outages on First Energy mapped.