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Tax Research Help

The Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) website is a great place to start researching personal tax-filing questions, and it’s free. The site can help you find a form or publication, and begin researching specific issues (such as the earned income tax credit or reporting requirements for payment settlement entities). 

If you select the “Help & Resources” tab you will find telephone and email addresses to get individualized help. In addition to general help lines, there are also specific ones for questions about the Health Coverage Tax Credit, tax fraud, and voluntary disclosures or undisclosed income or assets. The “Credits & Deductions” tab links to pages about the Plug-in Electric Vehicle Crediteducation credits, Saver’s Credit, and many others. Information about deductions includes pages for the standard mileage rates, the home office deductions and  gift taxes.

E-filing information is under the “Filing” tab. Once you have filed (24 hours after filing electronically and 4 weeks after mailing your return) you can check on your refund.

The following library-provided research guides and tools may help with more scholarly or lawyerly questions about tax law: Federal Tax Research: Quick Guide; and Major Treatises by Topic: Taxation.

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