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Law Library Blogs: Recent Posts

Here are recent blog posts from some Law Library Blogs.*

BeSpacific is a blog about law and technology news. Its latest blog entry is about the Office of Federal Procurement Policy’s efforts to improve contractor integrity and public access to information about contractor integrity. Contractor integrity information is now available at Other recent entries discuss the Brown Center Report on American Education and NOAA’s plan to address 2005 Gulf oil spill’s environmental injuries.

The Hamilton County Law Library’s (Ohio) most recent blog post is about Milke v. Ryan 07-99001, a decision in which the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals threw out a 22 year old death penalty conviction. The court held that the prosecution’s failure to notify the defense about a key witness’s (a police detective) history of lying under oath was an act of unconstitutional silence.

Lex Scripta, blog of the Dallas Association of Law Librarians, has recently been blogging about legal apps. Legal Apps – Part 1, Legal News discusses news apps such as the American Bar Association, the Legal News Reader, and the LexisNexis Legal News. LegalApps – Part 2, Legal Research, covers apps such as The Bill of Rights, Congressional Record (browse editions covering the 104th Congress), Oyez Today (U.S. Supreme Court information), and Courtlink (alerts about state and federal cases). Legal Apps – Part 3, Bar Exam, lists apps from Barbri, Kaplan, Temis and others.

Legal Research Plus, a blog by the legal research instructors at Stanford Law School, has most recently addressed the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). They note that Boston Public Library will be having launch events April 18-19. Other recent posts discuss United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe Backgrounders and a recently filed free speech case focusing on online speech.

Library Stuff is a blog that gathers stories and blog posts, from other sources, about librarian professional development and current awareness. Its most recent blog post links to the District Dispatch’s blog “Could the Supreme Court outlaw your library’s right to lend?.” Other blog posts come from such varied sources as The Washington Post, library leading dolls, Digital Book World, Wiley’s digital classroom, and Crimson White, libraries going digital.

In Custodia Legis: Law Librarians of Congress, recently posted “Domestic Violence Laws in Australia and New Zealand.” The post discusses legislation and efforts in both countries to increase awareness of the issues. A regular feature of this blog is the “Pic of the Week.” This week’s pic was of the library’s new resources and services handout, last week’s was about doodling in the Middle Ages.



*The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Computing Services SIS maintains a list of Law Library Blogs. Currently there are 220 blogs on the list.