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Arctic Sea Ice

It is spring in the Arctic. The ice is beginning to melt, according to the April 2nd Arctic Sea Ice News & Analysis. This site gathers data about the increase and decrease of ice, and about ice fracturing, the Arctic Oscillation, sea level pressure, the thickness of the ice, and how many years of ice exist. Each day an image of the Arctic and the Antarctic are posted. The images show the current extent of the ice and an orange outline representing the typical extent for that day of the year. The daily images are not archived, however the underlying data is. There are also monthly images that not only show the extent of the ice, but also the trends and anomalies in the concentration of ice. The daily and monthly data is also available to download from the Sea Ice Index page. Wondering how much the ice will melt this summer? Visit the Sea Ice Outlook this summer to read what the experts are predicting.

The Arctic Sea Ice News & Analysis is produced by The National Snow and Ice Center, which gathers data about the world’s frozen realms. The Center is part of the University of Colorado Boulder’s Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences. Data is also available for the Arctic and Greenland.

Legal issues and arctic ice: