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Library Access During Finals

Effective today, the library has begun our extended hours for the reading period and finals. Please see the library schedule online for full details on the extent of hours.

Please help us maintain a good study space for you and your colleagues. During this period, the library staff will be checking IDs and refusing most access by patrons other than law students. All other visitors will be admitted, during normal daytime business hours, only for research consultations with the reference librarians and/or to retrieve specific library materials.

In order for this restriction to be implemented efficiently, we will be checking the IDs of all library visitors at the circulation desk. Please carry your Case ID card and be ready to show it to the staff person at the circulation desk, which is the service desk ahead and to your right as you enter the library. Please enter the library only through the gate on your right, as you come through the doorway. The gate to the left (in front of the reference desk) is to be reserved for exit only.

Circulation desk staff can see the difference between law-school and other IDs pretty quickly, but only if you come up to the desk and present your ID.

If you have any problems with the library services or facilities, whether access-related or not, please do not hesitate to let me know. If you need immediate assistance with a library matter, please email or chat the library circulation desk at

Lastly, let me take the opportunity to wish you a good study-period experience and the best of luck with your finals.

Thank you,
Andrew Plumb-Larrick
Acting Library Director