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Lexis Advance IDs & Passwords Replace IDs & Passwords

We received the following reminder from our Lexis Account Executive this week:

Lexis Advance IDs are now the only IDs you need to research with LexisNexis.

All Law School® IDs have been deactivated.

If you have Alerts set up on, you need to set them up on Lexis Advance to continue receiving updates.

If you do not have a Lexis Advance ID or have questions, please contact Jennifer Durkin

LexisNexis is moving to a single ID system to simplify the way faculty and students access LexisNexis® products. You will only need your Lexis Advance ID to use Lexis Advance®,®, Web Courses and the LexisNexis® Law School home page.  If you have already registered your Lexis Advance ID, no further action is needed.

Yes, you can still access®. It is  available through Lexis Advance® now. (Click on the red “Research” tab on the upper right of the Lexis Advance screen to pull down the menu of options, to select®).

Earlier this Spring, Jennifer Durkin and other representatives of LexisNexis sent print letters and email messages to faculty & staff to announce that this change was pending. Email messages, at least, were sent to students. Judith Kaul ( will troubleshoot the problem if it takes longer than 3 weekdays to obtain your Lexis Advance credentials after contacting Jennifer Durkin.