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Fact Tank’s “Data Feed”

The Pew Research Centers’ Fact Tank has a new daily feature, “Data Feed.”
The feature is “[a] daily roundup of fresh data from scholars, governments, thinks
tanks, pollsters and other social science researchers.”
The feature started on January 6. On that day the data featured covered a wide
range of topics. The topic politics contains information from Politico (“Hillary
Clinton: How she’s fared in the polls”) and The Economist (“The 2014 ballot
boxes”). The social trends topic includes the New York Times story “Interactive
Mapping poverty in American,” and, from the Chicago Tribune, “Minority
Students make up new majority in Illinois public schools.” The other topics
covered that day were economics, health, and “international.”

The lists below are to give readers an idea of what topics are covered and what
sources are cited:

Regular topics include

  • Demographics: “More couples with kids living together but not marrying,”
    Associated Press (via The Washington Post)
  • Economy: “Academic tenure is on the decline,” Bloomberg
  • Employment: “Do workplace wellness programs save employers
    money?“ Rand Corporation
  • Health: “Detailed report delivers good news on health costs, but will it
    last?“ Kaiser Health News
  • International; “EU mobility scoreboard,” European Commission
  • Politics, “Are red or blue companies more likely to go green?” Harvard
    Business Review
  • Poverty: “War on poverty moves to the tax code,” Tax Policy Center

Some of the sources:

  • News agencies
    • The Economist: “Which economies will grow fastest in 2014?”
    • New York Times: “36 states under single-party control; where they
      stand on key issues.”
    • Wall Street Journal Interactive: “The future of coal”
  • Government
    • Bureau of Labor Statistics: “Metropolitan area employment, November
    • Census Bureau: “How Census measures poverty today“ and” the history
      of the measure”
    • Statistics Canada: “Canadian firm sizes and the productivity gap with
    • Office for National Statistics (UK): “UK economic review, January 2014″
  • Think Tanks
    • Gallup: “U.S. consumer spending in December highest since 2008″
    • American Enterprise Institute: “Housing ‘wealth’ and illusion”
    • Kaiser Family Foundation: “State profiles: How will the uninsured fare
      under the ACA?”
  • Scholars
    • University of Maryland: “Racism may accelerate aging in black men”
    • Center for Retirement Research at Boston College: “How do longevity
      expectations affect retirement plans?”