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Valentines Facts from the Census Bureau

The U.S. Census Bureau has released “Valentine’s Day 2014: Feb. 14,” Facts for Features. The Facts for Features series gathers demographic and economic statistics from the Census Bureau usually focusing on a holiday, anniversary, or topic in the news. The Valentine’s Day issue gives statistics on U.S. manufactures of candy, flowers, jewelry, and on marriage. The Census Bureau’s website offers several tools to find data.

The following statistics about U.S. producers of chocolate and cocoa products can be found by using the Census bureau’s American FactFinder tool:

1,148 [n]umber of U.S. manufacturing establishments that produced chocolate and cocoa products in 2011, employing 35,538 people. Source: U.S. Census Bureau, County Business Patterns: 2011, NAICS code (31132) and (31133).

To access the American FactFinder tool, go to the Census bureau’s homepage, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the second entry, “American FactFinder,” under the second column, “FIND DATA.” Choose “Guided Search,” then “Get Me Started.” Choose “I’m looking for information about businesses or industries,” and click next. Since we are looking for employment information, in the left menu click the plus sign next to “Employment,” then choose “Employees,” and then click next. We are looking for information about the whole of the United States, so choose “United States” in the “Select a geographic type:” drop down menu, then click next. The product we are looking for information about is “chocolate and cocoa.” A search for “chocolate” brings up 54 industry codes. Choose “31132” and 31133,” then click next. If you add the numbers in the column “Number of establishments” (179 and 969) you get 1,148. If you add the numbers in the column “Paid employees for a pay period including March 12 (number),” (7,112 and 28,426) you get 35,538.

The following statistics about marriage can be found by using the top menu bar of the U.S. Census’s homepage:

68.6%: [p]ercentage of people 15 and older in 2013 who had been married at some point in their lives — either currently or formerly. Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Families and Living Arrangements: 2013

On the top menu of the Census Bureau’s homepage, click “People.” Then, under the first column, click “Families and Living Arrangements.” Choose “Detailed Tables” under “America’s Families and Living Arrangements:2013” then “Adults (A table series).” Download the excel file and open. The first line of data is about all individuals over 15. Subtracting the never-married percent of 31.4 from 100 percent gives us 68.6 percent: the percent of people 15 and older who have been married.

Both of these data sets can be further broken down. The information about marriage can be examined by race, gender, and whether a person is now separated or divorced. The information about chocolate and other products can be examined by state, city, town, or zip code.