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The Upshot

A recent Fact Tank chart of the week, “Another way to see employment,” by Drew Desilver introduced me to another blog that often discusses data in their posts. The Upshot is a New York Times blog which “provides news, analysis and graphics about politics, policy and everyday life.”

The Fact Tank post discussed a chart in The Upshot post “Measuring Recovery? Count the Employed, Not the Unemployed” by Binyamin Appelbaum. Desilver wrote “[w]e liked the way it helps people readily visualize an abstract, and not overly familiar, concept over time, without using the standard trend line.” The chart shows the employment-to-population ratios at three distinct times, rate at the start of the recession, lowest rate reached during the recession, and the current rate. The whole of the United States employment-to-population rate at the start of the recession was 62.7%, the lowest rate reached was 58.2%, and currently it is 58.9%. To get a better understanding of these figures, look at the chart.

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