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In Brief

In Brief, The Case Western Reserve University Law Alumni Bulletin, provides a treasure trove of information about the law school since 1970. Scanning the contents from 1965-1990 provides photographs and information about various law faculty members and noted alumni, including Judge Ben C. Green, after whom the Law Library is named; Charles R. Richey, who has a reading room named after him in honor of his donation of his papers to the Law Library; and civil rights icons (and CWRU Law alumni) Fred Gray and C.B. King.

The Winter, 1980 issue of In Brief features “Burns on Admissions”– a brief article that contains topics that resonate at the present time. Admissions Director Burns bemoans the decline in applications (reflecting a national trend) from “almost 2,500 for the entering class of 1972 to 1,571 for 1979.” He notes Cleveland’s reputation is “a little negative” despite a robust legal market and the cultural institutions that did (and still do) surround the Law School. Burns states “We haven’t sacrificed quality to fill seats, and we don’t intend to.” (Foreshadowing recent and current CWRU Law admissions policy.) Burns was working on a program to solicit alumni in sixteen cities to help recruit law students to Case Reserve. At the time, Case offered generous scholarships when compared to other top law schools. Burns worries about law students in 1980 “paying back loans to the tune of $15,000 to $20,000” (in the extreme example).

The Winter, 1967 issue of the Law Alumni Review, In Brief‘s predecessor, announced the $1.5 million donation from the George Gund Foundation and the Gund family that would lead the Law School’s current building, Gund Hall, built for approximately $5.5 million in 1970.

Using a “value of a dollar” calculator, $15,000 and $20,000 in 1980 would be equivalent to approximately $43,000 to $57,850, respectively, in 2014 dollars. The cost of the Gund Hall building would be approximately equivalent to $33,447,477.83 in 2014 dollars.