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Alumni Services

After you graduate from the Law School we hope you will stay connected with your Library. Please do not forget that you are a vital part of our service program and that you are always welcome to use our Library and many of our services.

Remember that your Lexis and Westlaw accounts may stay active for a time period after you graduate. Contact your local representative to identify the current policies. You can also access CALI; their lessons can assist you in studying for the Bar. If you are not registered, contact for the Authorization Code.

As a graduate of the CWRU Law School you may also:

  • Use the library‚Äôs collection of print and other materials, including reserve materials.
  • Use the public workstations and law databases in the library, including LexisNexis Academic.
  • Get wireless internet accesses using the free unsecured GUEST network.
    Use the University help desk (368-HELP/368-4357) or in person at the Bellflower road Care Center. This is an unlimited and ongoing service to all CWRU alumni.
  • Use your case Email address and other CWRU Google Apps(Calendar, Documents).
  • You can always call our reference desk ( 216-368-5206) or e-mail the reference desk ( for assistance.

We enjoyed working with you as a student and hope we can continue to help you throughout your professional career.