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Assistance for the Public

Library Access

Patrons not affiliated with Case Western Reserve University must present a photo ID at the Circulation Desk and sign the guest log before gaining access to the Law Library.  After 6 pm, external doors of the building are locked and, although the library is still open to the public, patrons must ring the bell, located at the main Gund Hall Entrance on East Blvd, for a security officer’s assistance to access the Law Library.


Members of the public may ask for research assistance in person at the Reference Desk or via email at The Reference Desk is located in front and slightly to the left as you enter the library.  Ohio Law does not allow library staff to give legal advice, including interpretation of statutory or case law, for patrons.  If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney.  You may find an attorney by using a directory, such as or Avvo.


The Library’s collections are not available for direct circulation to persons not affiliated with Case Western Reserve University. However, those affiliated with OhioLINK member institutions may borrow circulating material via Ohiolink. Non-affiliated researchers are welcome to have their home institutions place an Interlibrary loan on their behalf.


Members of the public may access online resources via two public access terminals, located next to the Reference Desk. Two additional computers are available on the Third Floor.

Accommodations for the Visually Impaired

A CCTV is located on the main floor of the library, next to the public computer. Instructions are located under the machine, and a backup copy is located at the circulation desk.  Patrons needing headphones for the Microsoft accommodations software (accessible via the “Programs” category of the Start menu) may borrow them at the Circulation Desk.