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Regulatory Insight

Regulatory Insight is now available for currently-affiliated CWRU faculty, students, and staff. It contains administrative law histories organized by public law, allowing quick and fairly comprehensive regulatory research in a manner similar to the way Legislative Insight allows fast, comprehensive legislative history research for public laws.    

Traditional Knowledge

An evolving area of international intellectual property is traditional knowledge, such as the art, customary dances, and plant-based medicinal knowledge of indigenous peoples around the world. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has been studying ways to protect such intellectual property for over three decades. Traditional knowledge can differ from the modern concept of intellectual …Read the Rest

Grand Jury Documents and Materials (Tamir Rice Investigation)

Final Report and related materials: Investigation into the Death of Tamir Rice (Cuyahoga County Office of the Prosecutor) Tamir Rice Family Attorney Subodh Chandra’s interview (9.5 minutes, Youtube) Tamir Rice Family Lawyer Walter Madison’s interview (4.5 minutes, RT, Youtube) DOJ statement (Dec. 28, 2015) Sheriff’s Report (6 parts, June 13, 2015) expert witness reports (Prosecutor’s Office) expert witness …Read the Rest

Lakewood Hospital

On Dec. 21, 2015, Lakewood City Council approved the master agreement of the City, the Lakewood Hospital Association, and the Cleveland Clinic. Mary Louise Madigan, president of Lakewood City Council said that facts were gathered and residents were heard before Council decided to support the agreement. The City’s website posted video of three community meetings held to …Read the Rest

Regulatory Insight

The Law Library has acquired a trial subscription, for currently-affiliated patrons, to Regulatory Insight, which covers 1936-2016. The trial end Jan. 17, 2016. Please contact the Reference Desk ( for additional information.

PEW Data (Reprise)

Here are selected, earlier blog entries posted by Lisa Peters. Fact Tank (June 7, 2013) Last month the Pew Research Center introduced Fact Tank, “numbers, facts and trends shaping your world.” Fact Tank contains stories about current events from a “data journalism” perspective. Each business day Fact Tank covers one or two current news stories and discusses them …Read the Rest