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Pick Up Temporary CLKD (CNKI) Passwords & URLs at Law Library Reference Desk

Law Students,  Faculty and Staff  may pick up temporary logins and passwords for China Legal Knowledge Databases (aka CLKD or CNKI) from the Law Library Reference Desk.  These logins and passwords will expire on September 20, 2016.  Our provider of CLKD, East View, cannot restore access until after the Chinese Autumn Festival holidays.  The actual date of …Read the Rest

CALI Experiencing Technical Problems Today

CALI is experiencing intermittent issues accessing CALI Lessons today. The problem manifests itself as a long delay ending with a 504 gateway timeout when a Lesson is launched. CALI is working on this and trying to get a fix in place.  If you are having issues running the Lessons,  CALI techs are  aware of the problem and expect to have …Read the Rest

China Legal Knowledge Database (also known as: CNKI) is Not Working (Service Alert)

News especially for our Chinese students:  Currently the Law Library’s subscription to China Legal Knowledge Database, also known as CNKI is not available. We asked our database provider to troubleshoot the problem and restore our access as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, it usually takes 48 hours for our vendor to communicate with Beijing and reestablish …Read the Rest

LexisNexis & West Academic Study Aids e-Books Now Available to Case Law Students

The Law Library is now offering the LexisNexis Study Aids and the West Academic Study Aids. These are available to CWRU Law Students via links from the Law Library’s web page. LexisNexis Study Aids LexisNexis Study Aids prefers the following internet browsers: Apple Safari; Google Chrome; Internet Explorer 10 (or higher); or Mozilla Firefox. 1. …Read the Rest

e-Discovery Topic Added to Major Treatises by Topic List & Mini-Research Guide

In addition to the new Major Treatises Topic, eDiscovery, here is a mini-research guide on e-Discovery resources. The intent of this guide is not to be comprehensive but to announce the posting of a new major treatises topic and provide some additional resources to jump start your investigation of this topic. The Hon. Shira A. …Read the Rest

50th Anniversary of FOIA Celebrated with Reform

On July 4, 2016 America celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the United States Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Today, President Obama celebrated early by signing Freedom of Information Improvement Act of 2016 (S.337, passed on June 13, 2016) into law. President Lyndon Johnson signed the original FOIA on July 4, 1966. It was intended to …Read the Rest