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United States Code: Using The Supplements

As journal students know, Bluebook Table 1.1 says that when citing the United States Code, one should “Cite to U.S.C. if therein.” But sometimes the supplements can look a bit confusing. In this blog post, I hope to clear up some confusion. The first thing to know is that a new edition of the United …Read the Rest

OSBA CLE eBook Library: Free Access for Student Members

Have you ever seen the Ohio State Bar Association’s catalog of PDF reference manuals for CLE seminars? On several occasions, I have found an interesting-sounding reference manual and been disappointed that I had to pay for the CLE course in order to read it. However, last week, the OSBA sent its student members an e-mail …Read the Rest

Ohio H.B. No.59: Taxation of Legal Services

There is legislation pending in the Ohio House of Representatives that would result in a tax on legal services. The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association has created a Tax Opposition Toolkit for lawyers and clients who want to encourage their representatives to oppose this tax. The proposed legislation that would cause this change is H.B. 59. …Read the Rest

Study Aids, Anyone?

This year, the library has moved several series of study aids to the reserve area and given them a 2-day loan period so more of our students can use them. These items have purple stickers on their front covers to identify them as circulating study aids. Here are the series that now circulate for two …Read the Rest

Have You Met Ernie?

The original version of this article, by Library Director Kathleen Carrick, was originally published in the September, 1989 issue of In Brief, a publication for alumni of the Case Western Reserve University School of Law. When you were last in the law library, did you notice-in the first-floor reading room next to the elevator-a Rodin-like …Read the Rest

Book Review: Acting Skills for Lawyers

In Acting Skills for Lawyers, actress Laura Mathis states that “public speaking skills are acting skills,” explains why they are essential for a successful lawyer, and instructs the reader on how he or she can improve his or her acting skills. Many of the author’s suggestions apply to public speaking in general, such as instructions …Read the Rest