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Electoral College

Not surprisingly, there has been renewed interest in the Electoral College over the past couple weeks. In addition to print books, the Judge Ben C. Green Law Library offers its patrons a surprising amount of digital information that can track views on the Electoral College going back decades or even a century or two. Article …Read the Rest

Volume 7 of the Journal of Law, Technology, & the Internet Now Available on the Law School’s Repository

The latest issue of the Journal of Law, Technology, & the Internet (JOLTI) is now available on the Law School’s repository. Volume 7, Issue 1 (2016) includes a Symposium Article by Anupam Chander, The First Amendment as Killer App, which emphasizes the interdependence of the First Amendment and today’s cyberlaw. “[The] First Amendment made today’s …Read the Rest

Two New Databases

Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law Provincial Statutes of Canada The law library recently added these two HeinOnline databases, which are available to all CWRU faculty, students, and staff. Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law HeinOnline provides free, worldwide access to Slavery in America and the World. As …Read the Rest

Bees: To Be or Not to Be

On October 31, 2016 seven species of yellow-faced bees will be designated as endangered. (81 Federal Register 6786 (September 30, 2016)). The Hylaeus anthracinus, H. assimulans, H. facilis, H. hilaris, H. kuakea, H. longiceps, and H. mana are to be added to the endangered species list along with three other animal species and 39 plant species. For me …Read the Rest

Grit (book review)

In Grit, Prof. Duckworth defines grit as a combination of passion and perseverance that makes high achievers special. (p. 8) She describes how to grow grit from the inside out and from the outside in. Law students working on their first research and writing assignments may take heart that “effort counts twice” as much as …Read the Rest

Health of Presidential Candidates

Doctor-patient confidentiality is as well-known an axiom as attorney-client privilege. Journalists honored the medical privacy of FDR and JFK. Since 1972, when George McGovern’s vice presidential candidate left the race after it was reported that he had been hospitalized for depression, the media has reported on the health of major presidential candidates. (NEJM, 2008) While …Read the Rest