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Mollie and Paul HIll (Law) Student Writing Competition

2016 Contest Question “In recent years, Ebola and other infectious diseases, natural disasters, threatened acts of bioterrorism, the rise of obesity and obesity-related ailments, the recreational use of tobacco and drugs, and other actual or potential developments have threatened the health of the public in the United States and elsewhere. Successfully preparing for and effectively …Read the Rest

Cleveland Law Library

As a law librarian here in Cleveland, I thought it would be interesting to look at the libraries that provide access to legal information locally.  We are fortunate to have two outstanding law school libraries in the city, the Judge Ben C. Green Law Library at Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Marshall College of Law …Read the Rest

Zeitgeist: Protecting Cultural Heritage

In the past month, a number of efforts to preserve the remains of damaged cultural heritage sites have been in the news and in a program in the Law School. Professor Dale Nance hosted a showing of, The Rape of Europa (2006), a documentary showing how the Nazis systematically took or destroyed the art of …Read the Rest

Ravel Law & Ravel Judge Analytics

Ravel Law uses data visualization to help legal researchers decide which cases to choose more effectively than consulting a traditional list of cases. The service does not take the place of Shepards, Keycite or other citation systems, but it enhances the users ability to see the relationships between cases and the development of trends over time. …Read the Rest

China’s New Silk Road

China is building a New Silk Road to expedite commercial transportation among its global trading partners. A commercial train completed the longest train journey ever (25,750 km) in February, 2015, returning to Yiwu, China with olive oil, wine, and cured ham. The train had arrived in Spain in December, bringing Christmas toys and power tools, …Read the Rest

14th Annual Halloween Run for Justice, Sat., October 31, 2015

All walkers, runners and costume lovers, get ready for the 14th Annual Halloween Run for Justice-Cavs Spirit Edition at the Galleria at Erieview, 1301 E. 9th St., in downtown Cleveland!  The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association is partnering with the Cavs to ramp up this spirited special event.  This year, “joining us will be the Cavs Scream Team, …Read the Rest