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Students — Share Your Thoughts

Current law students, in particular, are invited to share their feedback about library services through a short online survey. The survey is only one page long, but will help us understand student perspectives as we adjust priorities over both the short and longer term. Thank you, in advance, for your assistance.

SAGES and legal resources

Our law professors are no strangers to offering SAGES courses at CWRU. But Spring 2014 is likely the first semester to feature three law professors, each teaching a SAGES course, in the same semester. Which raises the questions: How can undergraduate students best access legal resources (statutes, regulations, and court opinions/cases) and legal secondary sources …Read the Rest

Resolved—Lexis Home Page Currently Unavailable

This is now resolved. You may have to delete Lexis cookies to see the fix in Firefox, but it should work immediately in Chrome, IE, and Safari browsers. You may already be aware that the Lexis home page is inaccessible this morning (which means you cannot reach Lexis web courses). Resolving this is currently Lexis’ …Read the Rest

Valentines Facts from the Census Bureau

The U.S. Census Bureau has released “Valentine’s Day 2014: Feb. 14,” Facts for Features. The Facts for Features series gathers demographic and economic statistics from the Census Bureau usually focusing on a holiday, anniversary, or topic in the news. The Valentine’s Day issue gives statistics on U.S. manufactures of candy, flowers, jewelry, and on marriage. The Census Bureau’s website …Read the Rest

Site Restoration in Progress

This website is now mainly operational but we are still working to restore content (especially fast-changing content like blog posts) to resemble its correct and current state. For the moment, forgive our mess! As I understand it from IT, a technical issue (corrupt storage) managed to take down both the production environment and the nightly …Read the Rest

Saturday Afternoon Reference Desk Coverage

The Law Library is pleased to resume offering reference assistance on Saturday afternoons during the Spring semester, with the exception of Spring Break and holiday weekends, starting on January 25. A law reference librarian will cover the desk from noon–five (with a brief break that will be posted at the desk) to answer in-person and …Read the Rest