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Category: Data and Empirical Tools

New Research Guide: Judges and Judging Finding and Using Data

A new research guide “Judges and Judging: Finding and Using Data” has been added to the library website.  The first part of this research guide is to help users locate data about judges and judging. The second part offers examples of how this type of data can be used. From the guide: Often articles about …Read the Rest

The Upshot

A recent Fact Tank chart of the week, “Another way to see employment,” by Drew Desilver introduced me to another blog that often discusses data in their posts. The Upshot is a New York Times blog which “provides news, analysis and graphics about politics, policy and everyday life.” The Fact Tank post discussed a chart in The Upshot …Read the Rest

Summer Reading

This summer, why not become a little more familiar with some of the data gathered by the federal government? Below is a list of blogs or short postings about data captured by the federal government. Census Bureau Profile America is a daily 60-second podcast feature from the Census Bureau. The features use information gathered by …Read the Rest

Profile America: a Daily Dose of Census Information

Profile America is a daily 60-second podcast feature from the Census Bureau. The features use information gathered by the Census Bureau to present factual vignettes about an event, observance, or commemoration. The features are produced in text and audio formats. Listening to or reading these tidbits of information is a quick way to familiarize yourself with …Read the Rest

March Madness at the Census Bureau

The Census Bureau offers its own flavor of “March madness” brackets. If filling in your NCAA bracket left you wanting more, then the Census Bureau’s “Population Bracketology” is ready to test your knowledge of the United States population. There are actually two brackets, “Metro Area Population” and “State Population.” The metro area population bracket involves choosing the metropolitan …Read the Rest

Illustrating a Fact by Combining Data and Visual Presentation

Recently, Wired did a story on “14 World-Changing Data Visualizations, From the Last 4 Centuries.” Included in the story is an 1858 map of London’s Soho with black bars indicating cholera cases, a grouping of circular plots showing 1840s cycles of temperature and cholera deaths, and a 1685 map of the world including ocean currents. Recently, …Read the Rest