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Category: Data and Empirical Tools

PEW Data (Reprise)

Here are selected, earlier blog entries posted by Lisa Peters. Fact Tank (June 7, 2013) Last month the Pew Research Center introduced Fact Tank, “numbers, facts and trends shaping your world.” Fact Tank contains stories about current events from a “data journalism” perspective. Each business day Fact Tank covers one or two current news stories and discusses them …Read the Rest

Lex Machina & Lexis Machinations

On November 23, 2015, Lexis announced that it had acquired Lex Machina (and its entire staff), which had been marketing itself for $30-$35 million. The sale price was not disclosed. The Law Library recently added the free resources available from Lex Machina to our CWRU Law Library Research Databases list. Law schools can access the …Read the Rest

Thanksgiving Dinner 2015

The American Farm Bureau Federation’s (AFBF) 30th annual cost of Thanksgiving Day dinner for 10 found that this year’s dinner should cost on average about 70 cents more than last year’s. These figures are determined by 138 volunteer shoppers from 32 states. The cost of a 16-pound turkey had the largest increase, $1.39.  The shoppers were to look for the …Read the Rest

Ravel Law & Ravel Judge Analytics

Ravel Law uses data visualization to help legal researchers decide which cases to choose more effectively than consulting a traditional list of cases. The service does not take the place of Shepards, Keycite or other citation systems, but it enhances the users ability to see the relationships between cases and the development of trends over time. …Read the Rest

Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner 2014

The American Farm Bureau Federation’s (AFBF) 29th annual cost of Thanksgiving Day dinner for 10 found that this year’s dinner should have cost on average about 37 cents more than last year’s. Five items’ average cost decreased equaling a saving of 40 cents. Seven items cost increased equaling an additional cost of 77 cents. The cost of …Read the Rest

Summer Reading

This summer, why not become a little more familiar with some of the data gathered by the federal government? Below is a list of blogs or short postings about data captured by the federal government. Census Bureau Profile America is a daily 60-second podcast feature from the Census Bureau. The features use information gathered by …Read the Rest