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Category: Data and the Law

Local Data: Cleveland Heights

The city of Cleveland Heights gives access to data about the city’s budget, police incidents and accident reports, and police statistics. Cleveland Heights offers access to its past five budgets (scroll down and click on “Cleveland Heights Budget Transparency Website). This information is on the OpenGov website which allows the user to view the information using …Read the Rest

New Research Guide: Judges and Judging Finding and Using Data

A new research guide “Judges and Judging: Finding and Using Data” has been added to the library website.  The first part of this research guide is to help users locate data about judges and judging. The second part offers examples of how this type of data can be used. From the guide: Often articles about …Read the Rest

Misuse of Data

Last week an op-ed in the Washington Post, by W. Bradford Wilcox and Robin Fretwell Wilson, claimed that the data supports the argument, “One way to end violence against women? Stop taking lovers and get married.”*  The following day a FiveThirtyEight post claimed that the article misused data to support its argument. Two issues struck Mona Chalabi, the author of the …Read the Rest

2013 Annual Survey of State Government Tax Collections

During fiscal year 2013, state governments collected $846.2 billion in taxes. For its Annual Survey of State Government Tax Collections survey the Census Bureau defines taxes as “compulsory contributions exacted by a government for public purposes.” Taxes are classified into five categories: (1) property, (2) sales and gross receipts, (3) license, (4) income, and (5) other. Figure 1 …Read the Rest


The 113th Congress’s first year was its “least-productive year in recent history.” This is according to a recent Pew Research Center’s Fact Tank story about the 113th Congress.* The story compares the number of laws passed by the 113th Congress, during its first term, with the terms of the previous nine Congresses. The 113th Congress passed 55 substantive …Read the Rest

Government Information Shut-down

The government shut-down means reduced or no access to government information and data. Websites such as and are not being updated. There is no access to The Government Printing Office’s FDSYS site is updating only Congressional materials and “documents necessary to safeguard human life, protect property, or provide other emergency services consistent with …Read the Rest