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Category: Data and the Law

2013 Annual Survey of State Government Tax Collections

During fiscal year 2013, state governments collected $846.2 billion in taxes. For its Annual Survey of State Government Tax Collections survey the Census Bureau defines taxes as “compulsory contributions exacted by a government for public purposes.” Taxes are classified into five categories: (1) property, (2) sales and gross receipts, (3) license, (4) income, and (5) other. Figure 1 …Read the Rest


The 113th Congress’s first year was its “least-productive year in recent history.” This is according to a recent Pew Research Center’s Fact Tank story about the 113th Congress.* The story compares the number of laws passed by the 113th Congress, during its first term, with the terms of the previous nine Congresses. The 113th Congress passed 55 substantive …Read the Rest

Government Information Shut-down

The government shut-down means reduced or no access to government information and data. Websites such as and are not being updated. There is no access to The Government Printing Office’s FDSYS site is updating only Congressional materials and “documents necessary to safeguard human life, protect property, or provide other emergency services consistent with …Read the Rest is in the process of redesigning its web space. To see an early preview and give your feedback go to The site developers will post biweekly updates on blogs related to the site’s development.* One of the features of the new site that appeals to me as a librarian is the “Data Catalog.” Not only …Read the Rest

A Source for State Policy Trends

The Pew Charitable Trust’s Stateline is a daily news service focusing on trends in state policy. The service, incorporated into part of the PEW Charitable Trust’s website, presents stories by their staff writers and sorts and displays links to other internet news sources. The June 25th front page headlines included staff stories like “Medicaid for Inmates” and “$64 Billion in …Read the Rest

Google’s Inactive Account Manager

The Inactive Account Manger is a new feature on Google which allows the account holder to specify what happens to their data when their account becomes inactive. The feature allows the user to determine when the account should be considered inactive, who will be contacted when the account becomes inactive, what each of those contacts may download, and finally if …Read the Rest