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Category: legal news

Federal Agencies Halt Pipeline Despite Judges Ruling

After a District Court Judge denied a request to stop the construction of the Dakota Access oil pipeline, the Department of Justice, the Department of the Army, and the Department of the Interior issued a joint statement declaring that they would stop the construction of the pipeline on Army Corps land. The construction will be halted …Read the Rest

Control of the Internet

The United States has agreed to give up oversight of internet domain names to an independent body, as of October, 2016. While this transfer was agreed to a couple years ago, a Fortune article states that three successive presidential administrations have been working on this privatization. Some conservative websites speculate that the United Nations will …Read the Rest

Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Welcome back! This past summer Justice Sonia Sotomayor spoke about her experience as a Supreme Court Justice. (See Max Buxton, Justice Sonia Sotomayor offers personal window into Supreme Court,, August 14, 2016.) This is her answer to what makes a good judge: “What you’re asking judges to do is decide issues that you have …Read the Rest

Citizens’ Recording of Police Interactions in Cleveland, OH

In 2011, The Civilian Police Board announced the following accomplished initiative: “Chief McGrath signed Cleveland Division of Police Divisional Notice 11-265 and distributed it to every member of the division.” (1) According to Peter Krouse at, the legal review requested by Chief McGrath concluded that a bystander “is generally within his rights” to use a cell phone to …Read the Rest

National Park Week

  April 15, 2016 President Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation designating April 16 – April 24, 2016 National Park Week. The picture above is part of the White House’s campaign to encourages everyone to “[e]xplore America’s Great Outdoors During National Park Week*.” During this week admission to national parks, national heritage areas, and national historical sites are …Read the Rest

Teddy Bear: No Longer Endangered

The Louisiana black bear, the inspiration for the teddy bear,* is no longer on the endangered species list. 81 Federal Register 13124 (March 11, 2016). The Louisiana black bear was put on the endangered species list in 1992. 57 Federal Register 588 (January 7, 1992) The listing was based on a finding of four of the five …Read the Rest