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Category: legal publishing and information

Westlaw Adding Information to Federal Register

The Westlaw version of the Federal Register contains information not in the official publication. This additional information is not indicated as an editorial enhancement. If look at 73 FR 40186-01 on WestlawNEXT you will see this text: “ACTION: Final rule; announcement of effective date. 47 CFR § 73.359847 CFR § 73.80947 CFR § 73.85347 CFR …Read the Rest

OSBA CLE eBook Library: Free Access for Student Members

Have you ever seen the Ohio State Bar Association’s catalog of PDF reference manuals for CLE seminars? On several occasions, I have found an interesting-sounding reference manual and been disappointed that I had to pay for the CLE course in order to read it. However, last week, the OSBA sent its student members an e-mail …Read the Rest

Google settles legal dispute with publishers

On Thursday, October 4, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) and  Google Inc. announced a settlement in their seven year old litigation over Google’s massive book scanning and digital library building  project. The AAP sued in 2005 when Google began its project to build a digital library by scanning and making available digital copies of previously copyrighted works. …Read the Rest

Oxford University Press Journals leave Westlaw

Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports has been reporting on the August 1, 2012 removal of  a number of Oxford University Press (OUP) journals from the Westlaw database to Lexis-Nexis. Law professors and practitioners in the United States are concerned that this change will alter article impact citation counts and journal rankings. Rhodri Jackson at OUP explains …Read the Rest

Legal Publishing: Hot Topics

The Supreme Court’s announcement of its Affordable Care Act (ACA) decision undoubtedly inspired a greater-than-normal interest in the Taxing and Spending Clause among the masses. The Supreme Court’s website is a great source of official documents. News sources provide instantaneous, if necessarily cursory, coverage. SCOTUSblog and WSJ Law blog provide excellent “real time” and “soon …Read the Rest

American Libraries’ E-Content Supplement May/June 2012

The American Library Association (ALA) has just released an e-content supplement to American Libraries: Magazine of the American Library Association. The supplement, E-Content: The Digital Dialogue, takes a close look at topics such as the publisher’s view of e-books; user’s rights and censorship concerns; and expanding e-book access. Sari Feldman, Executive Director of the Cuyahoga …Read the Rest