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Category: legal publishing and information

Delly on Demand

Update: June 22, 2015 Though Delly didn’t continue to dominate during the Finals, and he has yet to inspire any ebooks, he may have inspired a movie.   Cleveland Cavalier J.R. Smith, commenting on teammate, Mathew Dellavedova (“Delly”), said: “We were just thinking on the bench that somebody has to write a book on this kid.” …Read the Rest

What (really) is the difference between print and online?

Discussion, whether in terms of collection building or of legal research instruction, of print “versus” online resources is outdated and fruitless if that discussion doesn’t seek to clarify and resolve the relative existing and potential qualities of each format in terms of permanence, stability, and “structured” vs. “random” accessibility. The classic visual impression of a …Read the Rest

Ohio Sup. Ct. Commission on Professionalism Writing Guide

The Supreme Court of Ohio Commission of Professionalism publishes a series of very short best-practices guides titled “Professionalism Dos and Don’ts.” These are in the form of two lists, one of “dos” and one of “don’ts” and are each only a few pages long. It has just released a list of “Dos and Don’ts” for …Read the Rest

Pen Power

President Obama has said that he will use the power of the pen (and the telephone) to get results for the American people during his final term. While he did veto two pending federal laws during the first legislative session of his presidency, given the general dysfunction of Congress of late, the President’s current “pen power” …Read the Rest

Building our Scholarly Repository

We are waiting until we have more items loaded to promote the “big launch” — but the Case Western Reserve Law School Scholarly Commons is now live. The library has begun to load faculty publications, and will be adding many more in the coming weeks as we refine our batch uploading techniques, proofread metadata, clear …Read the Rest

Westlaw Adding Information to Federal Register

The Westlaw version of the Federal Register contains information not in the official publication. This additional information is not indicated as an editorial enhancement. If look at 73 FR 40186-01 on WestlawNEXT you will see this text: “ACTION: Final rule; announcement of effective date. 47 CFR § 73.359847 CFR § 73.80947 CFR § 73.85347 CFR …Read the Rest