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Category: Library News and Tools

Orientation “score cards” and contest

Entering 1Ls, make sure you look for the yellow “Law Library & IT Orientation Essentials” handout in your orientation packet! This is a ‘scorecard’ that asks you to visit certain places and people, and do certain tasks, that are essential to your success in law school. Some are library or IT “housekeeping” that it will …Read the Rest

Building our Scholarly Repository

We are waiting until we have more items loaded to promote the “big launch” — but the Case Western Reserve Law School Scholarly Commons is now live. The library has begun to load faculty publications, and will be adding many more in the coming weeks as we refine our batch uploading techniques, proofread metadata, clear …Read the Rest

SAGES and legal resources

Our law professors are no strangers to offering SAGES courses at CWRU. But Spring 2014 is likely the first semester to feature three law professors, each teaching a SAGES course, in the same semester. Which raises the questions: How can undergraduate students best access legal resources (statutes, regulations, and court opinions/cases) and legal secondary sources …Read the Rest

Saturday Afternoon Reference Desk Coverage

The Law Library is pleased to resume offering reference assistance on Saturday afternoons during the Spring semester, with the exception of Spring Break and holiday weekends, starting on January 25. A law reference librarian will cover the desk from noon–five (with a brief break that will be posted at the desk) to answer in-person and …Read the Rest

Law School Examinations

Dec. 11, 2013: Updated versions of several of these exams (mostly the same ones listed here) have been posted, some with (model) answers! Check the intranet link below for the complete list of available exams. The Judge Ben C. Green Law Library hosts a selected number of past CWRU Law School examinations which professors have …Read the Rest

Study Hall Extended Hours and Access Restrictions

Dear Students, Effective Saturday, the library will begin our extended hours for the reading period and finals. Please see the library schedule online for full details of our augmented study-hall hours. During this period, the library staff will be checking IDs and refusing most access by patrons other than law students. All other visitors will …Read the Rest