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Category: Social Justice Update

Learning about Ebola

Devastating news reports about Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) elicit both compassion and interest in learning more about this disease and the global public health efforts to prevent further infections. The World Health Organization, the International Federation of the Red Cross, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are three good sources of accurate information …Read the Rest

CWRU Hosts “Race, Food and Justice Conference,” April 25-26, 2013

In collaboration with Environmental Health Watch, Growing Power, and Rid-All Green, Case Western Reserve University’s Social Justice Institute is sponsoring the “Race, Food & Justice Conference.”  Highlights of the conference include a screening of Byron Hurt’s independent film, “Soul Food Junkies.” On Friday, conference speakers will include Erika Allen of the Growing Food and Justice for …Read the Rest

Obama for America v. Husted

Obama for America v. Husted (Case 2:12cv00636), United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, is the controversial “early voting” challenge receiving national attention because of Ohio’s history of being a  swing state in national elections. The issue before District Judge Economus is deciding if recent amendments to ORC 3509.03, which eliminate in-person …Read the Rest

“Poor Land in Jail. . .” and a look at Ohio

On July 2, 2012, the New York Times ran an article by Ethan Bronner entitled, “Poor Land in Jail as Companies Add Huge Fees for Probation.” Focusing on  small southern towns, the article examines “the mushrooming of fines and fees levied by money-starved towns across the country and the for-profit business that administer the system.” …Read the Rest

Social Justice Update: Hunger in Cleveland and the World

Update: People tell a fake news reporter on the street that they (and/or “people”) would watch a real-life hunger games T.V. show. The Hunger Games is a PG-13 movie based on the premise that 2 children from 12 districts are chosen annually to compete in a (sometimes rigged) reality show competition, during which all but one …Read the Rest