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Twitter Sues U.S. Government Over Surveillance/Transparency

Twitter has sued Eric Holder and others (acting in their official government capacity) for a declaratory judgment granting relief from prohibitions on its disclosure of more detailed information about national security surveillance requests. This is in part an effort to distinguish the company from the agreement that other internet services companies, including Google and Facebook, …Read the Rest

CWRU Online Catalog is Offline

4:45 p.m. The CWRU online catalog is working again! (But you can still ask for assistance with your research from the helpful reference librarians!) Update: The CWRU library system will also be down on Wed, Sept. 24th, for at least six hours, in order to complete hardware upgrades.   The CWRU online catalog, used for identifying books …Read the Rest

In Brief

In Brief, The Case Western Reserve University Law Alumni Bulletin, provides a treasure trove of information about the law school since 1970. Scanning the contents from 1965-1990 provides photographs and information about various law faculty members and noted alumni, including Judge Ben C. Green, after whom the Law Library is named; Charles R. Richey, who has …Read the Rest

From Product to Service: Digitization Culture

The CWRU Law School hosted the Arthur W. Fiske Memorial Lecture on Feb. 28, 2014. The event featured law professors, a veteran music industry executive, corporate counsel, a newspaper editor/vice president, and a pop music critic. Prof. Avsec set the stage for the discussion by playing D.J. Danger Mouse’s Grey Album video, a mashup of …Read the Rest

Students — Share Your Thoughts

Current law students, in particular, are invited to share their feedback about library services through a short online survey. The survey is only one page long, but will help us understand student perspectives as we adjust priorities over both the short and longer term. Thank you, in advance, for your assistance.

Site Restoration in Progress

This website is now mainly operational but we are still working to restore content (especially fast-changing content like blog posts) to resemble its correct and current state. For the moment, forgive our mess! As I understand it from IT, a technical issue (corrupt storage) managed to take down both the production environment and the nightly …Read the Rest