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Collections and Acquisitions

The law library actively maintains a core collection of legal monographs and serials, both in print and electronic format. There are more extensive collections in faculty research areas, with examples including international law, business law, medical law, and legal subjects most relevant to technology and the arts. The Library is a selective Depository for both United States and Canadian government publications.

We also provide ready access to a range of information beyond what we own or house in a tangible form on-site. In the first tier, we locally acquire legal monographs and serials in both print and electronic formats. As a second tier, coordinated access to CWRU and affiliated libraries backs up our collection on interdisciplinary fronts. As a third tier, the OhioLINK consortium of academic libraries leverages our collection — providing our users essentially cost-free direct access to the collections of Ohio’s other college and university libraries. Other Interlibrary Loan options provide an outer band of access to published materials of faculty interest.

Acquisitions Requests

While the librarians proactively make selection decisions, we also encourage faculty suggestions about new publications and resources that you would like for us to acquire. Please contact your personal liaison with such requests, and/or consult the list of subject specialists (below) for specific selection-area responsibilities. There is also an online form for acquisitions requests.

Clipping and Alerting Services

Please contact your liaison librarian regarding options to facilitate clipping/alerting services for journal and current awareness content. Your liaison will assist you in establishing a personal profile for the Smart CILP service, which provides email notice, with basic subject-sorting, of new law journal contents. We can also provide advice and instruction with the Current Law Journal Content’s law journal table-of-contents RSS service; with delivery and notice of papers via SSRN; or with the canned-search/clipping options available through Lexis, Westlaw, BNA, and others. Please contact your liaison librarian for assistance with these services or other needs regarding current-awareness or “push” of information.

Remote Access to Online Resources

Whenever possible, databases, online journals, and other online resources are licensed for campus-wide, or at least law-school-wide, on-campus access. A very few exceptions require use of a password, or limit the number of simultaneous users in some manner.

Off-campus access to networked resources is normally available through CWRU’s University-wide Virtual Private Network (VPN). Off-campus access through VPN should enable effectively “on-campus” access to networked resources, and as a law user you should also receive seamless access to those services available only through the law school (as versus those available on the entire campus).

Support for the VPN, and downloads of the recommended VPN clients, are provided by the University’s Information Technology Services: