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Instructional Support and Research Training

Research Consultations for Students

The library routinely provides scheduled, personal, research consultations for law students (PeRCs). While consultations may be initiated by students themselves, the law library has been very happy to accommodate faculty members in requiring librarian consultations for certain courses. To arrange systematic research consultations in support of a class, please contact your liaison librarian or subject specialist.

Classroom Research Sessions

The Law Library will make every effort to accommodate requests for librarian-taught research instruction sessions tailored to the specific needs of particular courses. This service has been extremely popular for writing seminar courses and moot courts. The Law Library is also happy to produce written research “pathfinders” or guides tailored to your course. Please contact your liaison or Andy Dorchak (x2842, axd10) for additional information.

Research Assistant Training Sessions

The library conducts scheduled group training sessions for new faculty Research Assistants twice yearly. Please contact Andy Dorchak (x2842, axd10) about scheduling for these or for additional sessions. Your library liaison can also arrange individualized coordination or training of your research assistants.

Exam Archives

You may submit copies of previous examinations for posting on the library’s online Exam Archive. Please contact Donna Ertin (dme, x8510) to supply previous or other practice exams.

Course Reserves

Please submit a list of materials for course reserves to Cliff Horhn (cxh4, x5064). The library purchases a single short-term reserve copy of all assigned books. If you would like additional copies of course books placed on reserve, please contact the library. Your personal copies of books can also be placed on course reserves. These, and and photocopies placed on reserve, will be returned to you at the end of the semester.

Library Computer Classroom (Room 321)

Please contact Myrna Hardy (x6359, mmh2) if you wish to schedule use of room 321, a training lab with a large smartboard and 20 student PC workstations.

Originality Detection

Please contact Judith Kaul (x8570, jak4) for a full originality investigation, if you suspect a student final draft may violate rules of proper attribution and originality.