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Liaison Librarians

Law School faculty are assigned a reference librarian to serve as a personal liaison to the library and its various services. Liaison librarians provide a single point of contact for library needs, engage in collection building to support your scholarship, and can also provide specialized professional expertise to assist with your scholarly endeavors.

Services that can be provided by faculty liaisons include: training for student Research Assistants; advice and assistance in planning and executing research projects; help with bibliographies or literature surveys; research classes (during or outside of your regular class time); requests for library acquisitions or new library services; and assistance with research tools or research technology. Liaisons are not necessarily the staff members who will provide requested library services, but they will connect you with the appropriate library contact and/or oversee library performance in responding to your service request.

Faculty with questions about liaison services or their liaison assignment should contact Andy Dorchak, Head of Reference.

The following table lists liaison assignments for full-time faculty and visiting faculty. Most liaison assignments are made from the “core” of the reference department: Mr. Dorchak, Ms. Cheatham, Ms. Kaul, and Ms. Peters.

Cheryl Cheatham, Law and Medicine Specialist/ Reference Librarian, x1611,
Deb Dennison, Head of Bibliographic Access,
Andy Dorchak, Head of Reference Services/ Foreign & International Specialist, x2842,
Judy Kaul, Electronic Resources Manager/ Reference Librarian, x8570,
Rob Myers, Assoc. Director for Collection Management, x8656,
Lisa Peters, Empirical Research Specialist/ Reference Librarian, x2793,
Andrew Plumb-Larrick, Assoc. Director for Public Services, x2794,

Adler Peters
Austin (emeritus) Dorchak
Bell Dennison
Benza Peters
Berg Cheatham
Carney Dorchak
Colares Peters
Cover Peters
Cupar Peters
Dent Kaul
Entin Kaul
Fine Myers
Fox Dorchak
Friedman Dorchak
Gabinet Peters
Gerhart Dorchak
Giannelli Kaul
Gordon, J. Kaul
Gordon, R. Peters
Gray Kaul
Groetzinger Dorchak
Hill Myers/Cheatham
Hoffman Cheatham
Jaffe Plumb-Larrick
Jensen Peters
Katz Dennison
Kenny Myers
Kocan Dorchak
Korsmo Peters
Kostritsky Myers
Ku Kaul
Lawry Dennison
Leatherberry Kaul
Ledford Dorchak
Lee Dorchak
Lipton, Jacqui Dorchak
Lipton, Judy Cheatham
Manta Kaul
Margolis Cheatham
McKinney Cheatham
McMunigal Kaul
McNally Cheatham
Mehlman Cheatham
Mercer Kaul
Nance Myers
Nard Kaul
Neth Kaul
Pollis Peters
Robertson Dorchak
Rossman Cheatham
Scharf Dorchak
Seymour Plumb-Larrick
Shanker (emeritus) Kaul
Sharpe Cheatham
Strassfeld Dennison
Turner Dennison
Wagner, R. Dorchak
Wood Plumb-Larrick
Woodmansee Kaul
Yearby Cheatham