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This page lists legal research databases to which the law library subscribes and selected other online resources of strong legal research value. Whenever possible we provide off site access, normally via VPN. Read the comments to determine if off campus access to listed databases will require VPN setup or password-based access. This tool locates online research platforms, databases, full-text repositories, and other such research tools. Individual journals that happen to be available in electronic form are not listed here - for those use the Library Catalog or A-Z serials list.

ProQuest Legislative Insight

ProQuest Legislative Insight consists of approximately 18,000 legislative histories covering the public laws of the United States from 1929 to the present. Nine thousand of these are brand new and 4,000 (from 1969-1983) include new research. PDF documents included with the public laws include all the standard elements of legislative histories:

  • Bills (all versions)
  • Legislative reports
  • Documents
  • CRS reports
  • Committee prints
  • Speeches in the Congressional Record
  • Presidential signing statements
  • In addition, a valuable option for users new to legislative history research is Legislative Process, which compares search result documents to a chart of the legislative process.

      Check “Total Histories Available” in the bottom left corner of the page to see the status of histories available per Congress.