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Tag: Cleveland Municipal School District

Issue 107: Proposed Cleveland Municipal School Tax Levy

Issue 107 (“tax levy”) requests that a majority of Cleveland voters approve a 15 mill property tax for current operations, with one mill going to partner (e.g. charter) schools. The funds would be used to implement the Cleveland Plan, an attempt to transform the Cleveland Municipal School District (CMSD) and selected charter schools. Mayor Frank Jackson, …Read the Rest

Cleveland Municipal School District: Transformation Plan

June 12, 2012 Plain Dealer: Ohio legislature approves Cleveland’s school plan. June 6, 2012 AP: Cleveland Teachers Union rejects fact finder’s proposal that would have reduced the $19 million CMSD budget deficit (not $65 million as reported earlier) by $13 million. May 25, 2012 Plain Dealer: Mayor Jackson and Gov. Kasich are announcing the school …Read the Rest