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Tag: Cleveland Municipal School District

Issue 107: Proposed Cleveland Municipal School Tax Levy

Issue 107 (“tax levy”) requests that a majority of Cleveland voters approve a 15 mill property tax for current operations, with one mill going to partner (e.g. charter) schools. The funds would be used to implement the Cleveland Plan,¬†an attempt to transform the Cleveland Municipal School District (CMSD) and selected charter schools. Mayor Frank Jackson, …Read the Rest

Cleveland Municipal School District: Transformation Plan

June 12, 2012 Plain Dealer: Ohio legislature approves Cleveland’s school plan. June 6, 2012 AP: Cleveland Teachers Union rejects fact finder’s proposal that would have reduced the $19 million CMSD budget deficit (not $65 million as reported earlier) by $13 million. May 25, 2012 Plain Dealer: Mayor Jackson and Gov. Kasich are announcing the school …Read the Rest