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Tag: GovDoc

United States Code: Using The Supplements

As journal students know, Bluebook Table 1.1 says that when citing the United States Code, one should “Cite to U.S.C. if therein.” But sometimes the supplements can look a bit confusing. In this blog post, I hope to clear up some confusion. The first thing to know is that a new edition of the United …Read the Rest

Ohio H.B. No.59: Taxation of Legal Services

There is legislation pending in the Ohio House of Representatives that would result in a tax on legal services. The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association has created a Tax Opposition Toolkit for lawyers and clients who want to encourage their representatives to oppose this tax. The proposed legislation that would cause this change is H.B. 59. …Read the Rest

Featured Gov Doc: Slip Laws and Statutes and Codes, Oh My!

Many of you may have seen the Schoolhouse Rock video I’m Just a Bill, which tells how a bill becomes a law. But after the President signs a new law, the new law also needs to be promulgated, which Merriam-Webster defines as made known and put into action or force. The new “session law,” or …Read the Rest

Featured Gov Doc: PACER

Do you need case or docket information from a Federal appellate, district or bankruptcy court? Public Access to Court Electronic Records  (more commonly known as PACER), a service of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, provides online access to court records. PACER’s date coverage varies by court. Its Court Information  page contains specific dates …Read the Rest

Featured Gov Doc: Death Penalty Statistics

Last week the Counselors’ Criminal Law class discussed statistical trends related to the death penalty.  The textbook, Criminal Law: Case Studies and Controversies, contained tables from Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics.  The Bureau of Justice Statistics has more recent versions of these tables available.  The Bureau has formed a partnership with University at Albany, State …Read the Rest

Featured Gov Doc: NTIS Documents

The National Technical Information Service is a clearinghouse of scientific, technical, engineering, and business related information produced with government funding. It has statutory authority to charge fees to recover costs. Many of the publications it sells are sent to Depository libraries, but there are additional technical reports that may be found via the Products Search …Read the Rest