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Tag: GovDoc

United States Code: Using The Supplements

As journal students know, Bluebook Table 1.1 says that when citing the United States Code, one should “Cite to U.S.C. if therein.” But sometimes the supplements can look a bit confusing. In this blog post, I hope to clear up some confusion. The first thing to know is that a new edition of the United …Read the Rest

Ohio H.B. No.59: Taxation of Legal Services

There is legislation pending in the Ohio House of Representatives that would result in a tax on legal services. The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association has created a Tax Opposition Toolkit for lawyers and clients who want to encourage their representatives to oppose this tax. The proposed legislation that would cause this change is H.B. 59. …Read the Rest

Featured Gov Doc: Death Penalty Statistics

Last week the Counselors’ Criminal Law class discussed statistical trends related to the death penalty.  The textbook, Criminal Law: Case Studies and Controversies, contained tables from Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics.  The Bureau of Justice Statistics has more recent versions of these tables available.  The Bureau has formed a partnership with University at Albany, State …Read the Rest

Featured Gov Doc: The FDA on Sunscreen

This weekend is Independence Day, and if the weather cooperates, many people will be going to be outside spending time in the sun. As many news stories have reported, the FDA is making changes in the regulations about sunscreen. The FDA’s Sunscreen page has links to articles, illustrations and webcasts related to the proposed rule. …Read the Rest

Lakewood Dog Park Lawsuit (Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Website)

According to an article on, “Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Carolyn B. Friedland ruled Monday that [Lakewood’s] dog park does not constitute a public or private nuisance.” Some residents from Rocky River “filed a suit in 2007 that barking from the park… constituted a nuisance.” Information about this case is available on the court …Read the Rest

Featured Gov Doc: Ohio Budget

In recent weeks, Ohio’s Governor Kasich has made several statements about his plans for the state budget. According to the Ohio Office of Budget and Management website, “Every two years Ohio is required by law to prepare and adopt a budget for state activities” ( This page also says that the budget being developed is …Read the Rest