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Tag: HOL

State Attorney General Reports and Opinions – New on HeinOnline

The Law Library now subscribes to HeinOnline’s State Attorney General Reports and Opinions library. The reports and attorney general opinions for each state back to at least 1980 are currently available in this collection. In addition, opinions and reports for California, New York, Washington, and Wyoming are available back to inception. HeinOnline intends to update …Read the Rest

Improved Access in HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library

HeinOnline has announced that it has updated its agreements with Harvard and Georgetown to provide more complete access to their publications. Coverage now includes the most current issue of Harvard Law Review. Coverage now includes volumes 1-125#6 (1887-2012). All of Georgetown’s law reviews and journals will also be available through their most current issue for …Read the Rest

New Enhancements to HeinOnline & Subject Searching in the Law Journal Library: Forthcoming Webinar

HeinOnline is demonstrating their newest enhancements and is also covering “how to make the most of subject searching in the Law Journal Library.” Wed., October 19, 2011 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM EDT- Register Now. Get more details about the program and on how to register for the Webinar at HeinOnline’s Wiki article “HeinOnlineSearchingEnhancements.” The …Read the Rest