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Admiralty and Maritime Law

Multi-Volume Treatises:

Robert Force & Martin J. Norris, The Law of Maritime Personal Injuries (5th ed., 2004-date).
WestlawNext. (2 volumes).

Robert Force & Martin Norris, The Law of Seamen (5th ed., 2003-date).
WestlawNext. (3 volumes).

Elijah E. Jhirad et al., Benedict on Admiralty (7th ed., 1958-date).
Lexis Advance. (31 volumes).

Thomas J. Schoenbaum, Admiralty and Maritime Law (5th ed., 2011-date).
WestlawNext. (2 volumes).

Single-Volume Treatises/Hornbooks:

Frank L. Maraist & Thomas C. Galligan, Jr., Admiralty in a Nutshell (6th ed., 2010).
Print:  KF1105 .M34 2010






Thomas J. Schoenbaum & Jessica McClellan Admiralty and Maritime Law (5th ed., 2012).
Print: KF1104.S36 2012.