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Commercial Law

Multi-Volume Treatises:

Larry E. Edmondson, Domke on Commercial Arbitration (3d ed., 2003-date).
WestlawNext. (3 volumes).

Debtor-Creditor Law (Theodore Eisenberg ed., 1982-date).
Lexis Advance. (10 volumes).

Richard W. Duesenberg & Lawrence P. King, Sales and Bulk Transfers under the Uniform Commercial Code (1966-date).
Print:KF889.A1B4. Lexis Advance. (2 volumes).

Lary Lawrence, Lawrence’s Anderson on the Uniform Commercial Code (3d ed., 1981-date).
Print: KF879.514.A53 1981. WestlawNext. (12 volumes).

Peter F. Coogan et al., Secured Transactions Under the Uniform Commercial Code (1963-date).
Print: KF889.A1B4. Lexis Advance. (5 volumes).

Jeremiah J. Spires et al., Doing Business in the United States (1978-date).
Lexis Advance. (6 volumes).

William D. Hawkland, Uniform Commercial Code Series (1982-date).
Print: KF879.527.H38. WestlawNext. (20 volumes).

Single-Volume Treatises/Hornbooks:

Deborah L. Nelson & Jennifer L. Howicz, Williston on Sales (5th ed., 1994-date).
Print: KF890.W45 2000.

James J. White & Robert S. Summers, Uniform Commercial Code (6th ed., 2010).
Print: KF890 .W45 2010.

Current Awareness & Looseleaf Services:

Commercial Law Adviser (Frequency: Monthly).

Consumer Credit Guide (Frequency: Biweekly).
CCH IntelliConnect.

Uniform Commercial Code Reporting Service 2d (Frequency: Periodic).