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Criminal Law and Procedure

Multi-Volume Treatises

Joel M. Androphy, White Collar Crime (2d ed., 2001-date).
Print: KF9350.A932 2001. Westlaw: WCCR. (4 volumes).

Sara Sun Beale et al., Grand Jury Law and Practice (2d ed., 1997-date).
Westlaw: GRJURLAW. (2 volumes).

Barbara E. Bergman & Nancy Hollander, Wharton’s Criminal Evidence (15th ed., 1997-date).
Print: KF9660.W43 1997. Westlaw: CRIMEVID. (8 volumes).

Susan W. Brenner, Federal Grand Jury: A Guide to Law and Practice (2d ed., 2006-date).
Westlaw: FEDGRJURY. (2 volumes).

Joseph G. Cook, Constitutional Rights of the Accused (3rd ed., 1996-date).
Print: KF9619.C66 1996. (4 volumes).

John Wesley Hall, Search and Seizure (3d ed., 2000-date).
LexisNexis: S&SEIZ. (2 volumes).

Randy Hertz & James S. Liebman, Federal Habeas Corpus Practice and Procedure (5th ed., 2005-date).
Print: KF9011.L53 2005. LexisNexis: FHCPP.

Nancy Hollander et al., Wharton’s Criminal Procedure (14th ed. 2002-date).
Print: KF9619.W43 2002. (4 volumes).

Wayne R. LaFave et al., Criminal Procedure (3d ed. 2007-date).
Print: KF9619.L34 2007. Westlaw: CRIMPROC. (7 volumes).

Wayne R. LaFave, Search and Seizure: A Treatise on the Fourth Amendment (4th ed., 2004-date).
Print: KF9630.L26 2004. Westlaw: SEARCHSZR. (6 volumes).

Wayne R. LaFave, Substantive Criminal Law (2d ed., 2003-date).
Print: KF9219.L386 2003. Westlaw: SUBCRL. (3 volumes).

Lester B. Orfield, Criminal Procedure Under the Federal Rules (1966-date).
Westlaw: ORFIELDS. (6 volumes).

William L. Ringel, Search & Seizures, Arrests & Confessions (2d ed., 2003-date).
Print: KF9625.R53 2004. Westlaw: SSAC. (3 volumes).

Paul H. Robinson, Criminal Law Defenses (1984-date).
Print: KF9240.R63 1984. Westlaw: CRLDEF. (2 volumes).

David S. Rudstein, Peter Erlinder, & David C. Thomas, Criminal Constitutional Law (1990-date).
LexisNexis: CRMCON. (3 volumes).

Charles E. Torcia, Wharton’s Criminal Law (15th ed., 1993-date).
Print: KF9219.W37 1993. Westlaw: CRIMLAW. (4 volumes).

Single-Volume Treatises/Hornbooks:

Thomas W. Hutchinson et al., Federal Sentencing Law and Practice (1997-date).
Westlaw: FSLP. (Annual).

Wayne R. LaFave, Criminal Law (5th ed., 2010).
Print: KF9219 .L38 2010.

Wayne R. LaFave, Principles of Criminal Law (2d ed., 2010).
Print: KF9219.85 .L34 2010.

Wayne R. LaFave et al., Criminal Procedure (5th ed., 2009).
Print: KF9619.L342 2009.

John W. Palmer, Constitutional Rights of Prisoners (9th ed., 2010).
LexisNexis: CONTRP.

Current Awareness & Looseleaf Services:

Bloomberg BNA Criminal Law Reporter (Frequency: Weekly).
Bloomberg BNA.

Bloomberg BNA White Collar Crime Report (Frequency: Biweekly).
Bloomberg BNA.