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Government Contracts

Multi-Volume Treatises:

John Cosgrove McBride, Government Contracts: Cyclopedic Guide to Law, Administration, Procedure (1962-date).
Print: KF846.5.M33. LexisNexis: GOVCON. (7 volumes).

Single-Volume Treatises/Hornbooks:

John Cibinic Jr. & Ralph C. Nash Jr., Administration of Government Contracts (3d ed., 1995).
Print: KF849.C52 1995.

John Cibinic Jr. & Ralph C. Nash Jr., Formation of Government Contracts (1982).
Print: KF849.C526.

Steven W. Feldman, Government Contracts Guidebook (4th ed., 2007-date).
Westlaw: GCGUIDE.

W. Noel Keyes, Government Contracts Under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (3d ed., 2003).
Westlaw: GCFAR.

Current Awareness & Looseleaf Services:

Federal Contracts Report (Frequency: Weekly).
BNA Web. Westlaw: BNA-FCR.