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Internet & Information

Multi-Volume Treatises:

George B. Delta & Jeffery H. Matsuura, Law of the Internet (3d ed., 2009-date).
Print: KF390.5.C6D45 2009. (2 volumes).

Internet Law and Practice (2002-date).
Westlaw: INTERNET. (2 volumes).

Raymond T. Nimmer, Information Law (2D ed., 2002-date).
Westlaw: INFOLAW. (2 volumes).

Single-Volume Treatises/Hornbooks:

Matthew Collins, The Law of Defamation and the Internet (2d ed., 2005).
Print: KF1266.C65 2005.

F. Lawrence Street & Mark P. Grant, Law of the Internet (3d ed., 2010).
LexisNexis: LAWINT.

Henry H. Perritt, Law & the Information Superhighway (2d ed., 2001-date).
Print: KF390.5.C6P47 2001.

Kent D. Stuckey, Internet & Online Law (1996-2008).
Print: KF390.5.C6S78 1996.

Current Awareness & Looseleaf Services:

Computer Technology Law Report (Frequency: Semi-monthly).
BNA Web. Westlaw: BNA-CTLR.

Electronic Commerce & Law Report (Frequency: Weekly).
BNA Web. Westlaw: BNA-ECLR.

Internet Law Resource Center
BNA Web.