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Multi-Volumes Treatises

Milton R. Friedman, Contracts & Conveyances of Real Property (6th ed., 1998-2002).
Print: KF670.F7 1998. Westlaw: PLIREF-CONREL. (2 volumes).

Milton R. Friedman, Friedman on Leases (5th ed., 2004-date).
Westlaw: PLIREF-LEASES. (3 volumes)

Michael T. Madison & Jeffry R. Dwyer, The Law of Real Estate Financing: With Tax Analysis, Planning, and Forms (Rev. ed., 1994-date).
Westlaw: REFINLAW (2 volumes).

Grant S. Nelson & Dale A. Whitman, Real Estate Finance Law (5th ed., 2007-date).
Print: KF695.N452 2007. (2 volumes).

Richard R. Powell, The Law of Real Property (1949-date).
Print: KF570.P57. (17 volumes).

Julius L. Sackman, Nichols’ the Law of Eminent Domain (3d ed., 1964-date).
Print: KF5599.A6S3. LexisNexis: NEMDOM. (10 volumes).

George W. Thompson, Thompson on Real Property (David A. Thomas ed., 1994-date).
Print: KF570.T47 1994. (10 volumes).

Single Volume Treatises/Hornbooks

Grant S. Nelson & Dale A. Whitman, Real Estate Finance Law (5th ed., 2007).
Print: KF695.N45 2007b.

Cornelius J. Moynihan & Sheldon F. Kurtz, Introduction to the Law of Real Property: An Historical Background of the Common Law of Real Property and Its Modern Application (4th ed., 2005).
Print: KF570 .M68 2005.

Walter G. Robillard et al., Clark on Surveying and Boundaries (7th ed., 1997-date).
LexisNexis: CLASB.

William B. Stoebuck & Dale A. Whitman, The Law of Property (3d ed., 2000).
Print: KF570.C86 2000.