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Multi-Volume Treatises

Boris Bittker et al., Federal Income Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders (7th ed., 2002-date).
Print: KF6464.B5 2000. Westlaw: WGL-CORP. (2 volumes).

Boris Bittker, & Lawrence Lokken, Federal Taxation of Income, Estates, and Gifts (3d ed., 1999-date).
Print: KF 6335 .B57 1999. Westlaw: WGL-IEG. (5 volumes).

Ian M. Comisky et al., Tax Fraud & Evasion (1994-date).
Print: KF6334.C66 1994. Westlaw: WGL-FRAUD. (2 volumes).

Jerome R. Hellerstein & Walter Hellerstein, State Taxation (3d ed., 1998-date).
Print: KF6750.H44 1998. Westlaw: WGL-STATE. (2 volumes).

William S. McKee, Federal Taxation of Partnerships and Partners (4th ed., 2007-date).
Print: KF6452.M26 2007. Westlaw: WGL-PARTNER. (2 volumes).

Jacob Mertens, Jr., The Law of Federal Income Taxation (1942-date).
Westlaw: MERTENS. (10 volumes).

Jacob Rabkin, Federal Income, Gift, and Estate Taxation (1942-date).
Print: KF6335.A6R3. LexisNexis: FIGETX. (6 volumes).

Arthur B. Willis et al., Partnership Taxation (6th ed., 1997-date).
Westlaw: WGL-PARTTAX. (2 volumes).

Single Volume Treatises

Boris I. Bittker et al., Federal Estate and Gift Taxation (9th ed., 2005).
Print: KF6572.A4B573 2005. Westlaw: WGL-GIFTAX.

Boris I. Bittker et al., Federal Income Taxation of Individuals (3d ed., 2002-date).
Print: KF6369.B57 2002. Westlaw: WGL-INDV.

Karen C. Burke, Federal Income Taxation of Partners and Partnerships in a Nutshell (3d ed., 2005).
Print: KF6452.Z9 P45 2005.

James S. Eustice, Federal Income Taxation of S Corporations (4th ed., 2001-date).
Print: KF6491.E87 2001. Westlaw: WGL-SCORP.

Joshua D. Rosenberg & Dominic L. Daher, The Law of Federal Income Taxation (2008).
Print: KF6369.R673 2008.

Michael I. Saltzman, IRS Practice and Procedure (2d ed., 2002-date).
Print: KF6300.S262 2002.  Westlaw: WGL-IRSPRAC.

Current Awareness & Looseleaf Services:

Federal Estate and Gift Tax Reporter (Frequency: Weekly).
Print: KF6571.A8F4 1983. CCH IntelliConnect.

Federal Tax Coordinator 2d (Frequency: Weekly).
Print: KF6285.R48. Westlaw: RIA-FTC.

Standard Federal Tax Reporter (Frequency: Weekly).
Print: KF6365.C66. CCH IntelliConnect.

State Tax Guide (Frequency: Biweekly).
Print: KF6750.A6C6. CCH IntelliConnect.

United States Tax Reporter (Frequency: Weekly).
Print: KF6285.P75. Westlaw: RIA-USTR.