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Trademark Law

Multi-Volume Treatises:

Rudolf Callmann, The Law of Unfair Competition Trademarks and Monopolies (4th ed., 1981-date).
Westlaw: CALLMANN. (10 volumes).

Horwitz, Ethan, World Trademark Law and Practice (2d ed., 1985-date).
LexisNexis: WTMLAW. (5 volumes).

Anne Gilson Laldone, Gilson on Trademarks (2007-date).
Print: KF3180.G54. LexisNexis: GILSON. (10 volumes).

J. Thomas McCarthy, McCarthy on Trademarks and Unfair Competition (4th ed., 1996-date).
Westlaw: MCCARTHY. (6 volumes).

Siegrun D. Kane, Kane on Trademark Law: A Practitioner’s Guide (5th ed., 2007-date).
LexisNexis: TRDLAW.

Current Awareness & Looseleaf Services:

BNA Intellectual Property Law Resource Center.
BNA Web.

Patent, Trademark and Copyright Journal (Frequency: Weekly).
BNA Web. Westlaw: BNA-PTCJ.

World Intellectual Property Report (Frequency: Monthly).
BNA Web. Westlaw: BNA-WIPR.