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Zoning and Land Use

See also: blog post on Ohio-specific sources.

Multi-Volume Treatises

Arden H. Rathkopf & Daren A. Rathkopf, The Law of Zoning and Planning: Analysis of the Law of Zoning, Comprehensive Citation of Cases, Excerpts from Court Decisions, Essential Forms (4th ed., 1975-date).
Print:KF5698.R38 1975.  Westlaw: RLZPN. (5 volumes).

Patrick J. Rohan et al., Zoning and Land Use Controls (1977-date).
LexisNexis: ZLANDU. (10 volumes).

Patricia E. Salkin, American Law of Zoning (5th ed., 2008-date).
Print: KF5698.A76 2008. Westlaw: AMLZONING (5 volumes).

Norman Williams, Jr. & John M. Taylor, Williams American Planning Law: Land Use and the Police Power (1974-date).
Westlaw: ALPLAW. (6 volumes).

E.C. Yokley, Zoning Law and Practice (4th rev. ed., 1978-date).
LexisNexis: ZONLP. (8 volumes).

Single Volume Treatises/Hornbooks

Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer & Thomas E. Roberts, Land Use Planning and Development Regulation Law (2d ed., 2007).
Print: KF5692.J847 2007.

Daniel R. Mandelker, Land Use Law (5th ed., 2003-date).
Print: KF5698.M29 2003.  LexisNexis: LNDLAW.

Current Awareness & Looseleaf Services:

Zoning and Planning Law Report (Frequency: Monthly).
Westlaw: ZPLR.